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Plants on People introduces beautiful embroidery art into your home and onto your clothes. My purpose is to merge tradition with modernity by offering you unique designs inspired by nature.

Plants on People also builds a space for anyone to discover their creative potential by organizing workshops and collaborative art projects. My goal is for all participants to at some point be able to create their own designs, in their own style, at their own pace.


September 2024 – Embroidery Book by Plants on People coming to all bookstores in Norway.

Together with Forlaget Press we are working to bring you a creative, useful and joyful piece.

More info soon!


Upcoming events & workshops

Currently available embroidery workshops you can also find in the shop. Check out also WORKSHOPS site – dates for DEICHMAN workshops will be listed there.

More workshops will be announced in December. 


November 2023 

08.11 – Embroidery Afternoon / DEICHMAN Bjørvika (FREE, more info HERE)

11.11 – 100 Faces of Embroidery – more info HERE (PL) or HERE (ENG, NO)

18.11 – Beginners Course / DEICHMAN Bjørvika (FREE, more info HERE)

22.11 – Embroidery Afternoon / DEICHMAN Bjørvika (FREE, more info HERE)

25.11 – 100 Faces of Embroidery – more info HERE (PL) or HERE (ENG, NO)

29.11 – Embroidered Christmas Ornaments / DEICHMAN Bjørvika (FREE, more info HERE)

December 2023 

06.12 – Embroidery Afternoon / DEICHMAN Bjørvika (FREE, more info HERE)

09.12 – Embroidered Christmas Ornaments / DEICHMAN Bjørvika (FREE, more info HERE)

13.12 – Embroidery Afternoon / DEICHMAN Bjørvika (FREE, more info HERE)

During this unique time when we connect nature and art under one roof, you will learn how to do embroidery using simple, beginner-friendly techniques. But first, you will be playing, studying, and arranging live flowers & leaves to create your own, individual composition. This helps a lot when making your personalized designs.

There is something touching and vulnerable while experiencing a fragile flower or a leaf. We will be able to save these memories through embroidery. This is a complete 2-day beginners workshop – besides working on our designs by composing them from actual flowers, we will cover all the basics. You will leave the workshop equipped with tips and tricks to continue your embroidery journey.

All the materials and a selection of live plants are included.

When and where? 
Tuesday 7.11 & Tuesday 14.11 (two days) / 16:00 – 20:30 / 8 hours in total
Small group – max 6 participants in a group!

Signing up to my Newsletter you get a bonus – 10% discount and a material package!

Thanks to the beautiful initiative of Jennifer Moltzau, leader of local community garden at Ulven, we bring you a 4-hour beginners workshop. 

In a cosy group, you will be able to get to know basic embroidery stitches and start your own creative journey with this craft! Embroidery is back and becoming more and more popular and we are happy to share it with you!

When & Where? 
25.03.2023 at 11:00 – 16:00 
Only 8 spots available, book your place today!

It is finally here - "Mother" DIY Pillowcase Embroidery & Sewing box available on 27.11!

This design was created in the Spring of 2019 for my Mom. It is now released as a DIY Embroidery & Sewing Box. If you prefer your own fabric and thread, a separate PDF pattern for downloading is already available in my shop HERE.
And a pillowcase sewing instruction is included for both! 🪡

I’m so excited, nervous, and… vulnerable. I hope you’ll like it, enjoy stitching it, and will create something you can cherish for many years to come. It is a treasure to have a handmade pillowcase at home that matches the colors of your interior. This DIY box includes beautiful, high-quality linen, giving your living room a luxurious yet comfortable addition. 

With this DIY box, you can embroider and sew a 50 x 50 cm pillowcase out of beautiful, high-quality linen. The box will contain everything you need to complete your project. 

This pattern uses just six beginner-friendly stitches: stem stitch, lazy daisy, satin stitch, fishbone stitch, french knot, and straight stitch. All of them are well known so the pattern is suitable for people on all levels.

If you’re living in Norway and are signed up to my Newsletter, you get free delivery if you shop until 1.12.2023. If you order just the PDF pattern – a printed colour version will come as a letter into your mailbox. 

It has been a year since the first workshop at Folkeverkstedet (Bjørvika, 10.09.2022). Since then, more than 200 people came to join workshops sponsored by Oslo Kommune. I am so happy to as we have prepared a continuation this autumn and winter. We want to help you start and continue your embroidery journey during a 5 hour beginners course and 3 hour embroidery afternoons. At Deichman Nodalen in October we will host Embroidery on Clothes embroidery, where you will be able to learn how to epicycle your clothes with beautiful designs!

During the beginners course you will learn how to do leaves & flowers in various techniques. You will work with simple yet cohesive patterns that will help you start making your own compositions in the future. You will also learn about the helpful tricks and tips and avoid common beginners mistakes. 

Workshops are free thanks to cooperation with DEICHMAN Library and will be held on Saturdays (Beginners course, Bjørvika) and on Wednesdays (Embroidery Afternoons, Bjørvika) or Thursdays (Embroidery on Clothes, Nydalen). Registration will happen through an external link. Materials are included and there will be 12 spots available for Saturday meetings and 12 for Wednesdays and Thursdays. More info when you click the button below, on DEICHMAN’s website and on WORKSHOPS page, here at

We come back with a cosy series of events at my home at Holmenkollen. This event is for anyone with previous experience with embroidery who loves to hang out with friendly people and connect over a handmade activity.

Bring your current embroidery project, a drink of your choice, some snacks if you wish (I always prepare something), and a friend! We accept anyone who wishes to join us on this creative journey.

I provide access to some materials and embroidery equipment, and I always share tips and tricks and my embroidery knowledge. It is incredible to work together in a group and connect with other kind souls. Come and join us!

When and where? 
Thursday 23.02, Holmenkollen (Ryghs vei), we start at 17:00
Cosy group of max 8 participants!

We need connection and creativity these days more than anything! After two years in lockdown, facing lots of private difficulties, disconnection from our friends and families, it is time to come back to what fuels our spirits – safe circle of support during a fun and creative time! 

I will be more than happy to host a team-building event or a birthday course for your friends at my home at Holmenkollen. It is a comfortable place for up to 12 people. There are lots of plants, always fresh flowers, cosy couches and table big enough to fit us all and our drinks and snacks. 

My home is located at Holmenkollen, Ryghs vei. You can access it via buss or metro and enjoy a beautiful view on the way. In the summer I invite you to my garden, where you can enjoy sun on green grass, secluded from the noise of the street. 

I invite you to try out and learn how to embroider on your own clothes, make your own pillowcases & design your own creations during a private 5-hour session.

Creating something with our own hands is unbelievably rewarding—a mix of pride, excitement, and accomplishment. During a private session, you will have the teacher just for yourself. In addition, I will also take pictures of you during the process—classy, delicate, intimate images, which will become great memories of this day.

Private session for two available in the shop. 


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