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Plants on People introduces beautiful art embroidery into your home and onto your clothes. My purpose is to merge tradition with modernity by offering you unique designs inspired by nature.

Plants on People also builds a space for anyone to discover their creative potential by organizing workshops and collaborative art projects. My goal is for all participants to create their own designs, in their own style, at their own pace.

It gives me great pleasure to be able to host you again in my home workshop. We have a table big enough to fit us, our creativity, snacks & drinks. There’s a friendly doggo sniffing around. Good chill music. Embroidery materials and a teacher to answer all your questions. And the rest comes from us – conversations, warmth, inspiration, understanding & support.

Come and join us for another embroidery evening at Holmenkollen! Enjoy good company, drinks & snacks while you work on your embroidery projects.

This event is for people who have already started doing embroidery – so bring your friends if you wish to. I will, as always, provide information, guidance, and tips to help you continue your embroidery journey.

After a successful workshop on 10.09 we are working on an autumn / winter series of workshops. We want to help you start your embroidery journey during a 4 hour beginners course. You will learn how to do leaves & flowers in various techniques. During this course you will be able to work with simple yet cohesive patterns that will help you start making your own compositions in the future. You will also learn about the helpful tricks and tips and avoid common beginners mistakes. 

All of this in a friendly, supportive atmosphere that will let you tap into your own creativity and discover that you can also draw patterns for your own projects!

Workshop is free thanks to cooperation with DEICHMAN Library and will be held on Saturdays.  Registration will happen through an external link. Materials are included and there will be 10 spots available for each meeting. More info soon!

I invite you to try out and learn how to embroider on your own clothes, make your own pillowcases & design your own creations during a private 5-hour session.

Creating something with our own hands is unbelievably rewarding—a mix of pride, excitement, and accomplishment. During a private session, you will have the teacher just for yourself. In addition, I will also take pictures of you during the process—classy, delicate, intimate images, which will become great memories of this day.

Private session for two available in the shop. 

During this unique time when we connect nature and art under one roof, you will learn how to do embroidery using simple, beginner-friendly techniques. But first, you will be playing, studying, and arranging live flowers & leaves to create your own, individual composition. This helps a lot when making your personalized designs.

There is something touching and vulnerable while experiencing a fragile flower or a leaf. We will be able to save these memories through embroidery. This is a complete 2-day beginners workshop – besides working on our designs by composing them from actual flowers, we will cover all the basics. You will leave the workshop equipped with tips and tricks to continue your embroidery journey.

All the materials and a selection of live plants are included.


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