“Mother” pattern – PDF instructions for download


Make your own version of this rich, yet simple design. It gives both a challenge and huge satisfaction during completion.

Check out my shop for inspirations about colour compositions.

Broderi- og syinstruksjoner tilgjengelig på norsk.

“Mother” pattern uses just six beginner-friendly stitches: Stem stitch, lazy daisy, satin stitch, fishbone stitch, french knot, and straight stitch.

Here’s a couple opinions about the pattern: 

— “It is beautiful and complex, but at the same time, the stitches themselves are beginner-friendly, which makes this a pattern well-suited for all levels.” Madeleine T. 🙏

— “The pattern was both challenging and manageable at the same time. It is also interesting in that way that it gets more and more vivid as you get on, making it more motivating” Silje K. 🙏


With this purchase, you will receive comprehensive, step-by-step instructions and a full-size pattern to print. The Instructions are in Norwegian or English. You will also be able to download a colour combination suggestions and sewing instructions.

You can check HERE for any other instructions and embroidery stitches guide in Norwegian and English.

You can also buy a complete DIY Pillowcase Embroidery Kit HERE.



*** When can I download the pattern? 

When placing your order, you will get access to a download link for the PDF pattern and instructions + any information you need to complete the pattern.

*** What is needed to complete this embroidery? 

  • Embroidery hoop – 15 cm or bigger. If you’re working only with your hands (without a hoop stand attached to the table, for example), I recommend at most 20 cm. It will be easier on your wrist.
  • Embroidery thread – I use 6 colors usually, but sometimes 7 or just 4 – depending on the colour palette. You will also read about the recommended color combinations when you download the instructions. But remember – you can adjust this pattern to ANY color you need. There are no right or wrong choices here, just your creativity.
  • Needle – I use “chenille” needles from PRYM – size 22-26. Each brand has its own embroidery needle style. The rule is – the thicker the thread, the bigger the needle, so piercing the fabric and dragging the thread through it goes smoother. For this style of embroidery, you need needles with a sharp edge. I use the full 6 strands of embroidery thread so I’m using usually needle nr 20 or 22.

*** What fabric should I use for embroidery? 

I recommend thick linen >200g or any other natural, non-stretchy fabric. If this is your beginning with embroidery, choose fabrics of light color to make it easier to transfer the pattern. Choose even thicker fabric if you plan to sew a pillowcase after this. I used 420 g for some of my pillowcases and 6 strands of thread – it is still quite comfortable to work. You will need two pieces of 53 x 53 cm for a pillowcase. If you plan to do it as a wall decoration – 35-40 cm is enough.

*** What threads should I buy? 

I use six-strand cotton embroidery floss; DMC is the brand I use the most. You can use any other embroidery thread brand available in your location. Trust your creativity 🙂 Choose your color combination or use one recommended by me with the pattern.

*** What kind of carbon paper should I use? 

Black or blue color – I use PRYM brand or whatever I find; in Oslo, Rainbow Textil sells good enough tracing paper. I recommend testing it out on the fabric first, but most of the ones out there are washable.

It would be best to trace the drawing with pressure, even if it means ripping the paper. A pencil or other washable pen for tracing won’t make permanent marks even if you rip through to the fabric.

Alternative would be to use water-soluble fliseline – like this one HERE.

*** How to do the stitches? How do you transfer the pattern?

Go to this page HERE and read more instructions for transferring the pattern. Depending on the fabric’s color and thickness, you can do it in two ways, as described.

*** How can I sew a pillowcase after I finish my embroidery? 

You will receive sewing instructions or rather my suggestions completely free, together with the download link.


If you have any other questions – leave them in the comment section of the product when making a purchase. Otherwise, you can also reach me via e-mail 🙂


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