“Craft is a gift, enabling us to tap into the magic of us. It brings alive and reminds us of who we are outside of all that external.
Making a thing with our hands means showing up for ourselves, for the parts of us who need something more than just existing”.

Felicia Semple @thecraftsessions

Upcoming workshops

Aktuelle broderiworkshops finner du også i butikken.
Flere workshops vil bli annonsert snart .
Meld deg på nyhetsbrevet nederst på siden for å motta ny informasjon.

DEICHMAN-workshops – Kursene er sponset av Oslo kommune; påmelding skjer via bibliotekets offisielle nettside. Jeg påvirker ikke hvem som får plass. Kursene er populære, men det hender det kommer avlysninger i siste liten. Du er velkommen til å bli med hvis du møter opp i begynnelsen av møtet og det er en ledig plass.
Meetups vil komme tilbake i september. Det er begrenset antall plasser – 12 til Nybegynnerkurset og 12 til Broderieftermiddagen.

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Currently available embroidery workshops you can also find HERE or in the shop.
More workshops will be announced soon.
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DEICHMAN workshops – Courses are sponsored by Oslo Kommune; registration is through the library’s official website one week before the date at 8:00 a.m. I do not influence who gets a spot. Courses are popular, but there are sometimes last-minute cancellations. You’re welcome to join if you show up at the beginning of the meeting and there is a free spot.
Meetups will come back in September. There are limited spots – 12 for the Beginners Course and 12 for the Embroidery Afternoon.

June 2024 

10.06 – Beginners Stitches Embroidery Course/ Akvarell Atelier (Paid, registration HERE)

12.06 – Embroidery Afternoon / DEICHMAN Bjørvika (FREE, registration HERE)

17.06 – Embroidery Power Collage / Akvarell Atelier (PAID, registration HERE)

19.06 – Embroidery Afternoon / DEICHMAN Bjørvika (FREE, registration HERE)

22.06 – “Mother” Pattern Embroidery Course (Paid, registration HERE)

26 & 28.06 Watercolor & Embroidery Course / Akvarell Atelier (Paid, more info HERE)

Welcome to Summer Embroidery School!*

borderikurs i Oslo

There will be two steps – Beginners and Intermediate. Both consist of 3 meetups, lots of useful embroidery knowledge, and plenty of fun! There are 7 spots in each group. Materials are included. 

STEP I – Create your personal stitches book!

STEP II – Work on different items and learn about the process from A to Z!

Check the calendar for most convenient dates for you!

* Workshopene vil for det meste foregå på engelsk, men jeg snakker enkel norsk, så vi kan kommunisere på denne måten også. 

Beginners Workshop with Live Plants - NEW DATE for November!

During this unique time when we connect nature and art under one roof, you will learn how to do embroidery using simple, beginner-friendly techniques. But first, you will be playing, studying and arranging live flowers & leaves to create your own, unique composition. This helps a lot when making your personalized designs.

The course is held during two evenings – 7 & 14.11
Time: 16:30 – 20:30 / two-day course, 8 hr
Place: will be announced soon
Price: 1600 nok (materials and plants are included)
Max. 6 participants 

Embroidery Course - Beginners Stitches

Come and join a beginners’ workshop to learn modern embroidery stitches! During this course, you will work with a straightforward pattern—an A4 trial sheet—which can become a part of your personal stitches book. You will learn to embroider lines, leaves, and flowers using various techniques. 

Small group – only 8 participants = cozy pace and enough time for guidance on individual work. 

10.06 (Monday) at 16:45 – 20:00

Akvarell Atelier (Kunst Studio) – Sars Gate 36

Embroidery Course - "Mother" Pattern

If you want to do something good for your creative self, join this comforting workshop. Five years ago, I created the “Mother” pattern as a pillowcase gift for my mom. It integrates practical beginner stitches in various shapes and combinations. Later, you can apply this comprehensive knowledge to create personalized designs.

Small group – only 8 participants = a cozy pace and enough time for guidance on personal work.

22.06 (Saturday) at 10:45 – 14:00

Akvarell Atelier (Kunst Studio) – Sars Gate 36


PRIVATE 4 hour session​

I invite you to try out and learn how to embroider on your own clothes, make your own pillowcases & design your own creations during a private session. We will meet for 4,5 hours and go through all the details to help you start your embroidery journey. You will get an energy & confidence boost to embark on your own embroidery journey.

Embroidery is a mindful and creative way to express yourself. It helps with mental health and gives refuge from everyday activities. Creating something with our own hands is unbelievably rewarding—a mix of pride, excitement, and accomplishment.

hand embroidery workshops

Beginners Workshop & Embroidery Afternoons with DEICHMAN Bjørvika continue in 2024


We are happy to announce more beginners workshops sponsored by Oslo Kommune. This year, we will also host Embroidery Afternoons, where you can continue on your previous projects and learn even more embroidery in a supportive group of kindred spirits. Meetings are free thanks to cooperation with Folkeverkstedet at DEICHMAN Bjørvika Library. 

During a 4 hour meeting of Beginners Course, you will learn how to do leaves & flowers in various techniques. You will work with simple yet cohesive patterns that will help you start making your own compositions in the future. You will also learn about the helpful tricks and tips and avoid common beginner mistakes.

Embroidery afternoons are a more casual, 3-hour event for anyone who already has some embroidery experience and wants to continue on the journey, deepens the skills and just have some nice time in a cosy atmosphere. 

All of this in a friendly, supportive atmosphere that will let you tap into your own creativity and discover that you can also draw patterns for your own projects!

Materials for both events are included and there is a limited amount of spots. Registration will happen through an external link a week before the workshop at 8 a.m.. More info can be found on DEICHMAN Bjørvika’s website and booking of the spots happens through an external system, when you click the button below. There is no waiting list and I have no influence on the list of participants. 

Watercolor & Embroidery Course

We have created a unique opportunity with Kasia Wiercinska from Akvarell Atelier – we combined our skills and experience to teach you how to paint and stitch on fabric to create an authentic multimedia art piece! 
Using various techniques, from both watercolor and embroidery, you will learn to paint a view and stitch lines, leaves, and flowers afterward. You’ll be guided to choose colors and compositions to create a unique and beautiful artwork. 

11.05 (Saturday) at 10:00 – 17:00 (with a 1 hr break for individual lunch)
26 & 28.06 (Wednesday and Friday) at 16:45 – 20:00 (6 spots left)

Akvarell Atelier (Kunst Studio) – Sars Gate 36

Private course for your company or friends

We need connection and creativity these days more than anything! After two years in lockdown, facing lots of private difficulties and disconnection from our friends and families, it is time to return to what fuels our spirits – a safe circle of support during a fun and creative time!

We will happily host a team-building event or an embroidery birthday course for your employees or friends. The location is up to your convenience – we can meet at your home or headquarters, but we also cooperate with different locations in Oslo. There are always fresh flowers, cozy seats, a table big enough to fit us all, and any preferred drinks and snacks.

We are happy to design the theme of the course for the specific occasion. Our team has experience with bachelorette parties, brainstorming sessions, collaborative projects, live plant embroidery workshops, and more.

What you see in the picture is an embroidery I made in 2019. The word DOBRO means GOOD. This is the first embroidery I made since I was a teenager. I’m showing you this alongside the other creations I made for pure fun to show you that anyone can do embroidery, and with the right approach and teacher, you can explore your creative potential. You don’t need to be good at it. Just having a hobby benefits our mental health.

I invite you to try it out for yourself, and you will observe how it impacts your well-being step by step. So take a look down below & check available embroidery workshops.

As children, we’re often discouraged from doing art or taught that we should create in a specific way to the liking or not of people that decided it for us: teachers, parents, and family. Along the way, we most likely get blocked & forget that art and creativity is a basic need for human expression. Art should be fun and should not be created to the liking of others. You can see that when you watch kids under the age of 6 enthusiastically drawing & exploring different shapes and colors. One may tell that you should forget about art when you grow up and start doing grown-up things. This is far from the truth: we should do art & be creative as it’s one of the fundamental parts of the human experience & it’s proven that it helps with our mental health. I always make sure that I teach that during the workshop and help you to unleash that curiosity and joy that accompanied you when you were little. 

Slide for more pictures – times when I just do embroidery & drawing and enjoy my free, creative space.


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