In 2016 when I first traveled to Norway to Lofoten, a friend of mine took a picture of me wearing a unicorn mask, sitting next to my dog. At that point I didn’t know it will become a part of a bigger, long-term project. I had that mask since 2013 when I moved to Amsterdam and had one of my big life-changing moments, but I haven’t used it in between so much.

In 2018 when I was experiencing a big creative calling, I used the mask for the first time: alone at home, using white and blue body paint to create the first crazy look. Later on, I took many different pictures, both alone and with thanks to many friends. This became a collaborative project. None of us were professional artists; none of us were photographers or models. But we made it work thanks to our curiosity.

the beginning of unicorn fra Lofoten by Joanna Gorlach
Pic by Joanna Gorlach
Pics (up and down) by Andrius Kalvaitis
unicorn fra Lofoten by Andrius Kalvaitis
Pic by me

The more I wear the mask, the fewer masks I wear in my everyday life.

Thanks to this project, I got to know Thomas of Norway, a beautiful human and dancer also known as HeCreature. Him as a merman and me as a unicorn, we created a series of serendipitous images. You can see some of the pictures here and on our Instagram accounts.

Check out: @unicorn.fra.lofoten & @hecreature on Instagram.

Copyright by Plants on People
Pic by Katarzyna Polek
Copyright by Plants on People
Pic by Øystein Voll
Pic by Øystein Voll
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