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We need connection and creativity these days more than anything! After two years with constant unknown of the pandemic, facing lots of private difficulties, disconnection from our friends and families, it is time to come back to what fuels our spirits – safe circle of support during a fun and creative time!
(Price for 1 person in a group of 8)

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Private workshop for your family, friends or company colleagues.

I will be more than happy to host a team-building event or a birthday course for your friends at my home at Holmenkollen*. It is a comfortable place for up to 12 people and it is here where all the embroidery happens and from where I conduct my activities. You will find here are lots of plants, always fresh flowers, cosy couches and table big enough to fit us all and our drinks and snacks.

My home is located at Holmenkollen, Ryghs vei. You can access it via buss or metro and enjoy a beautiful view on the way. In the summer I invite you to my garden, where you can enjoy sun on green grass, secluded from the noise of the street.

It is a stimulating, yet calming space. You will have a glimpse into the world of Plants on People.

The offer includes:

  • 5 hours of embroidery on an agreed day of the week / weekend
  • knowledge about embroidery tools, fabric, pattern transferring, different types of stitches
  • all the necessary materials and equipment: fabric, needles, embroidery hoop
  • professional and supportive teacher with a wide horizon of experiences gained through multiple activities
  • up to 15 photos taken with reflex camera and sent to you afterwards so you can cherish your memories for longer
  • atmosphere to relax, unwind, tap into the creative, connecting moment
  • coffee and tea together with snacks and you can bring your own wine and anything else you wish
  • fresh flowers and lots of plants to make this event as cosy and energizing as possible
  • a friendly doggo to help you get into the playful mode

What you make you will take home so it stays as a beautiful memory. I adapt the theme of the workshop to your needs and interests. We can start from relaxing exercises and include a brainstorming session if you’re in need of some design thinking. Conversations while doing handcrafts are vitalising and add a unique perspective to the topic.

What to bring? 

You can bring a shirt, skirt or jeans that you wish to embroider on in the future to check if it is possible to work on them. If it is, it is up to you – you can start learning directly on those. Yes, it is possible!

PRICE: NOK 9,000 / price for a whole group of 8 / to be paid after the agreed date
For different sized groups please contact me.
Advance in the amount of 40% is to be paid max 7 days after we agree on the terms.
Return policy does not apply with private courses.

If you have any questions, please message Plants on People on FB or Instagram or send an e-mail to 

* The photos you see here were taken during the curses at my home. If you have another venue in mind, the price may vary due to transportation costs etc. I will be glad to accommodate your needs anyways and adjust to your preferred location.



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