Welcome to the Plants on People's Embroidery Book School!

Hi! My name is Justyna, and I am writing a book ūüôā

As an embroidery artist and teacher, I cannot imagine my life and activities without community.

That’s why I decided to write this book with you!
I invite you to collaborate on it in the next three months.

Please read this site carefully; if you have any questions, feel free to ask me anything!
At the site’s bottom is a link to the registration form.
By signing up to the Embroidery Book School, you agree to the Terms and Conditions stated on this page.

Embroidery Book School because you get to complete six different projects that will later be published in the book. 
You get to test the book ideas first.

You gain comprehensive knowledge and support from the teacher and the community. 
You participate in designing valuable patterns and creating the most helpful embroidery knowledge.
We collaborate on the book Рyou will be asked to share feedback and answer observation questions. 

Seven meetings: 19.07, 26.07, 2.08, 23.08, 13.09, 27.09, 11.10 
Wednesdays, 17:00 – 20:00

Meetings 1,2,3: Ryghs vei 6B
Meetings 4,5, 6 & 7 will be announced soon, possibly √ėstreheimsveien 34

Dates & things we get to create: 

Session 1: 19.07 – Shirt pattern “Floristas means Florists.”

Session 2: 26.07 РPants or skirt Рpattern using pressed wildflowers.

Session 3: 2.08 РString bag Рpattern tree or lavender.

Session 4: 23.08 РPencil case Рpattern from the fabric.

Session ¬†5 & 6:¬†13.09 & 27.09 – Pillowcase – pattern “Mother.”

Session 7: 11.10 РSweater Рyour pattern, wool on wool embroidery.


Due to your incredible interest (Thank you!) I plan to run alternative dates for sessions 5 & 6 and 7. You can still sign up for these to get an email after 5.08 with a proposal of a new date. 

This is the only opportunity to partake in such an innovative project, both as Embroidery School and inviting the community to write a book together!

To participate in any session, you need to register (link below) and cover the cost of materials. Only 400 kr for each session, everything you need included! 
Session 6 & 7 are altogether 600 nok.

You can take part in as many sessions as you want. 

Starting with just one meeting, you will learn a lot. But I encourage you to participate in at least 2 or 3 sessions. This way, you understand more about the project, gain more knowledge, and impact what gets published.

This book aims at creating valuable and fun content for people to work on individually at home. Your opinion is important and will help many other embroidery enthusiasts.

Join me on this fantastic journey and co-create a fun and exciting book!

Each meeting = One new item* 

If you participate in all seven sessions in three months, you will complete six projects, including three sewing projects and three on your own clothes. 

*During the two meetings in September, you will get to know the pattern “Mother” and be able to create a pillowcase.¬†

I am here for you throughout the whole process. 

You will receive materials and instructions to finish a project each time. During each session, you will learn about the design, start your project and practice the stitches. Completing the pattern will be your homework. 

We will create a separate FB group to share info and organize the work. You can ask me any questions and get as much advice as you need. 

What you make is yours and stays with you forever. 

At some point, I will ask you to borrow your finished creations for a photo session. 

I help with the cutting & sewing of projects.
We will also meet extra at Bj√łrvika to complete three projects – a string bag, a pencil case, and a pillowcase on sewing machines.¬†

What you get when you participate in at least one meeting: 

РHigh-quality embroidery hoop 
– Needles in 3 sizes
– Frixion pen for drawing designs

At each meeting, you additionally receive the following: 

– Enough pre-cut fabric to finish your project
– Thread enough to complete the project from the session and more. You will choose out of 500 colors and receive min 5, max 10 DMC mouline skeins during each session.
– Printed pattern and, if necessary, printed instructions
– Any additional materials you’ll need (pressed and laminated flowers, zippers, vlieseline, transfer paper, etc.)

You will actively help me test out the patterns for the book.

You will participate in test runs of the projects and discuss with me what elements are the most difficult and what is the best way to explain them. 

You will get a chance to give a second life to once-forgotten clothes.

We will together learn how to adapt a pattern from the book into a personalized design explicitly prepared for your jeans and shirt.

Your image might be included in the book and/or promotional materials, social media, etc.

Your first name, your face, and your hands will appear in the photos in the book. I may also record part of the workshop and later quote you and tell the story of your embroidery experience. You may also appear on my website and social media. 

The whole idea of the Embroidery Book School is to BE included in the pictures as a member of the Plants on People’s embroidery community. 

Become part of the Plants on People's Embroidery Book community!

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I will be so happy to hear from you!

Each session sign-up fee is non-refundable. Please be aware that organizing this takes time, energy, and resources. Sign up only for the sessions you know for sure are possible for you to join. You will be asked to pay the fee within seven days of receiving the confirmation email from Plants on People. 

You agree to this site’s terms and conditions by filling out the registration form.

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