My life has been full of serendipity, inspiration & adventures. On this page, you can read about my passions, people who changed me by their words and actions & also my poetry from time to time.

Being creative for me is living a whole life: taking care of your body, letting it be expressive in any means it needs to. Sharing it with people whom you cherish and respect. Allowing yourself to make mistakes and learning from them.

The stories & texts I publish here are of great value to me. They were written by wise & loving people. Some of them are reflections on my personal creative journey and worldview.
I collect these stories here to share them with you and add a spark to this world.

And to remember myself throughout this journey called life.

Copyright Justyna Skowronek


“I am not in the world simply to adapt to it, but rather transform it, and if it is not possible to change the world

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Unicorn fra Lofoten

Holding and letting go

What you find below is about holding and letting go. About expectations vs. acceptance of experience. About letting go of perfectionism. I hope you find

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Wool on linen embroidered wall decoration by Justyna Skowronek

Favourite work

It’s hard to choose my favorite work. And today’s post will be about that. My immediate pop in to my head was this embroidery I

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creative embroidery process by Justyna Skowronek

Creative process stories

Another medicinal plant in the making – a series I intend to continue in the future.This one is called Epilobium Angustifolium. The super pink fluorescent

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embroidery wool on linen by Justyna Skowronek

Sense of belonging

Creativity gives me a sense of belonging.Not to any social circle. Not to some magical Instagram life of artists.It makes me belong to myself.Even on

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