Embroidery pattern “We are all womb” inspired after the constitutional court ruling on tightening abortion law in Poland in October 2020.
Picture by @motion_garden

Why do I teach and create? Because I am tired of not doing it. Plants on People came to life out of love of plants and people. 

My name is Justyna Skowronek; I come from Krakow, where I studied and worked until about 2016 (not counting a year in Amsterdam). My past career includes working seven years as a business analyst, restaurant manager, and chef (still part-time). My favorite was coordinating 150 volunteers for a big photo festival in Krakow for three years. I loved it; I became a decent leader and innovative project manager.

I came to Norway for a summer road trip, fell in love with Lofoten Islands, and after four years there, I moved to Oslo in the Autumn of 2020. In the meantime, I found my way back to creativity and art. As a child, I already had some skills and an imaginative drive, but I lost it for almost 15 years. First, it was photography and a crazy unicorn project (read more HERE), and then in January 2019, I learned embroidery thanks to Gosia Samborska and Monika Drozynska. It was love & passion at first sight. Later that year, I decided to pursue education in this area.

In June 2022, I finished a 2-year traditional craftsmanship course, where I learned pottery, carving, embroidery, glasswork, and many more. This type of Folkehøgskole emphasized freeing people from their creative limitations and educating future cultural animators. Since then, I have been slowly transitioning to doing it full-time.

In my artwork and during the courses I organize, I focus on easy-going, joyful & mindful plant embroidery. I acknowledge the significant importance of creative hobbies and their beneficial influence on mental health. Therefore, I wish to work with institutions and companies that value well-being and sustainability. So far, I’ve been collaborating with DEICHMAN Libraries, Oslo Sanitetsforening, HerSpace, Diversify, Ulven Hagen, Ammehjelpen, and Oslo Fjordhage. Furthermore, I organize courses and events privately at my home workshop.

I believe art should be accessible to everyone, and I am thrilled to see that creative hobbies are returning to our lives.

I love cooking, yoga, my amazing partner and friends, traveling, and hiking.


I often get asked – how did I find my style? I don’t think I have done that yet to be truly honest. My style is not unanimous. I love ALL the colors, and I am happy to switch between different techniques. Being an artist, being creative in general doesn’t mean you need to choose one craft and stick to it blindly. Maybe you will decide to focus on just one aspect of your work and develop that area at some point. But IT IS NOT necessary from the beginning.
And believe me, 
you WILL find a style that you’re at least comfortable with.

I am sharing all of this because if at least 5 people can benefit from my story, it is worth doing.

I sincerely encourage you to do the same. The way only YOU know how to do.

Go on, search for your WHY; it might be uncomfortable, it might be painful at times but soooo awesome to finally go for it!

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“Warm, easy-going, smart, strong, interesting, fantastic cook, I always felt very relaxed with you and very safe. I appreciate that a looooot! And smiling, always smiling! You are one of those souls that came to Earth to lift people up, help them remember that life is good, joyous and beautiful”

Iva Ogrizovic

“This dear woman has a warm heart that gives love and acceptance, and her head is full of interesting ideas. She creates beautiful art. Being in her company is supportive and enjoyable”

Anastasiya Kurayshevich

I attended a two-day workshop here. This is a very beautiful and comfortable place, full of inspiration of art and life. Excellent experienced tutor were very helpful and our study group was also great! I love everything here! Highly recommended!

Yating Fan


Throughout my life I have been engaged in different projects, most of them connected with people and art.

Feel free to dive into the world of unicorns & mermen, volunteers & more plants.

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