Although this project’s tangible outcome isn’t something I physically created, I was a co-creator of a broader vision for many individuals. For three years, I coordinated around 150 different volunteers a year under the Krakow Photomonth Festival, one of the biggest photo festivals in Poland.

Together with the volunteers, we revolutionized the whole idea of volunteering. We worked together to create a supportive, motivating place for people to learn and organize events for our organization and other initiatives. I run workshops for them on leadership and communication to help them work together & support each other as a team. I actively created content, countless e-mails, Facebook posts, messages for us to feel connected & inspired together.

They trained me to become a good leader.

They taught me to trust in the younger generation. I learned that magic happens when we live by the truths we believe in.

Pictures: Julia Pietrzak: @julaszpula, Tomasz Cwiertnia @tomcwiertnia

#wolomfk by Julia Pietrzak
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