My flower head by Justyna Skowronek


My previous career was in finances, gastronomy & management at art related NGOs.

Along the way, I participated in and
co-created educational projects for women & children.


By actively sharing my vision and knowledge I am standing up for the values I believe in and create an inclusive world around me.

I am ready to receive feedback & be responsible for the future I co-create.


By being emotionally engaged in leadership, I create a space
for everyone to be truly
heard and seen.

Practicing non-violent communication (NVC) gives me a truthful driving force.


The ability to say “yes” and “no” and share my story, my mistakes and success has been the greatest experience of my life.

It has taken me into amazing places and allowed me to make true connections with people.




Knowledge is like Love.

The more you share it, the more comes back to you.

There are some pictures on this website that have a special meaning – they were created in Krakow, close to the home I grew up in, by Kornelia – Lilu2Art (click). Beautiful soul, which I would like to thank here. Among others, the main photo on the homepage was taken by her in August 2020. Thank you Kornelia!

Thank you also to Gosia Samborska, Thomas Voll, Damian Gladys, Ewelina Luckiewicz, Tomasz Hrynkiewicz, Kelly Palencia, Chisom Udeze, Meryn Willetts, Ampy Basa, Macias Pulit, Dino Serrao, Aleksandra Toniak for help, photos, participation & support along the way.

Most of the pictures found on this website were taken by me. All images represent copyright protected work and may not be used without permission.

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I appreciate your honest opinion and I would love to hear from you with ideas and comments.


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