The way forward

It is not easy to ask for support, but the more I create and teach embroidery, the more I understand that without a community, we can’t move forward. 
So – thank you for being here and taking the time to read this story and helping me make this a reality. 

My goal is to make embroidery understandable and accessible to everyone. I raise money to buy equipment and publish my patterns.

My name is Justyna, and since March 2021, I have been creating my own company named Plants on People. I am working on developing and providing accessible and affordable embroidery courses in Oslo, and hopefully also throughout Norway, in activity centers, schools, and libraries. My objective is to make embroidery understandable for everyone. So that as many people as possible can benefit from this beautiful traditional craft.

I learned embroidery from one of the best Polish embroiderers by coincidence in 2019, and it was love and passion at first sight. I continued self-learning and later finished a 2-year traditional handicraft course at Uniwersytet Ludowy Rzemiosła Artystycznego (Poland). In 2022 I passed a national exam concluded with a certificate of competencies as an embroiderer issued by the polish craft association.

DEICHMAN workshop Copyright by Justyna Skowronek

I believe Arts & Crafts should be accessible to everybody, regardless of gender, age, social or economic background. Behind my part-time job as a chef, I work hard to develop my dream further. These things take time and energy but also fuel me a lot. In 2021, I contacted Folkeverkstedet at DEICHMAN Bjørvika for potential collaboration, and not long after, I had my first course in partnership with them! We offer 2-3 events sponsored by the library every month, and more than 150 people have already benefited from this. These events are super popular among teenagers, adults, and older people; places fill up within minutes. During workshops, I observe an interest and need for relations and meaningful, supportive connections above gender, age, or cultural differences. After the pandemic, people are seeking a place to connect. They wish for more initiatives where they can slow down, relax, do something with their hands, have a compelling conversation, and, more importantly – feel an association with the collective. We all come from different families and corners of the world. We are so different, yet we share so much.

Embroidery and creative meetups can bring a solution to this need.

My courses are meant to build a community above cultural differences, something I once missed when I moved to Norway. I dream of continuing and expanding the offer, cooperating with different partners around Norway. Soon, DEICHMAN Nydalen and a few more libraries will include it in their program. January this year, I was contacted by Forlaget Press, and we’re working on developing a book that connects embroidery, nature, and community. The book’s launch will support the growing request for embroidery and my courses. I want to create videos to explain the process so that anyone can try and succeed on their embroidery journey.

I want people who buy this book to experience joy, pride, and a sense of accomplishment.

I practice easy-going, joyful, imperfect embroidery. I connect elements of nature in my designs and teach how to draw natural plants and whimsical imaginary shapes. I offer supportive feedback, often connecting with my students on social media or WhatsApp to give them free advice. I started sending out Newsletters and running an embroidery group on FB. Alongside my activities, I work on my Norwegian – I just passed the A2 level and will soon continue with B1.

Embroidery has been present in our lives since humans learned how to sew. No corner of this world doesn’t have a unique version of this craft. Here in Norway, it feels like we have the whole world in one place.

Therefore, initiatives that help to build common ground and connect us interculturally have an excellent potential for integrating our diversity and can facilitate positive social changes.

Help me make this ambitious yet doable dream come true.

Pick something for yourself

After I reach the goal, those who supported me and wished to receive a reward will be sent out a list with photos and be able to pick their prize. You can also show your support regardless, which I humbly appreciate. Any amount matters. By sharing my story, I ask for your support in making this happen. I need help to make another big step on this road – funding the process of writing a book and releasing my patterns and embroidery kits. With your support, I can buy equipment, materials, packaging, and time to focus on the goal.

Here’s a list of items I am working on as prizes for your support. 

  • Postcard with a photo of an embroidery with a personalised thank you note, 250 nok
  • Set of 2 embroidery patterns in PDF (with instructions):
    300 nok
  • Mini embroidered string bag 13 cm: 450 nok
  • Set of 5 self-adhesive embroidery designs to use on t-shirt
    500 nok
  • Embroidery kit (materials, hoop, pattern, and other necessary equipment):
    600 nok
  • Embroidered pencil case 23 cm: 900 nok
  • Embroidered zipper bag 26 cm: 1200 nok
  • Custom made plants embroidery on your pants: 800 nok (small), 1200 nok (big)
  • Place during a Live Plants Embroidery course in 2023/2024: 1300 nok, (usually 1600 nok)
  • Private embroidery course for you and two of your friends: (4 hours), 2000 nok
  • Embroidered pillowcases:
    Pattern “Mother” 2500 nok (usually 2900)
    Pattern “Winter Wreath” 2900 nok, (usually 3300)
  • Team-building course for your company (3 hours, 12 people), 5500 nok (usually 6500)
  • Gift voucher – any amount you prefer.
So many people gave me feedback that what I do makes sense, that I am a good teacher, help people a lot, and that I should pursue it. It keeps me going through struggles with hope and optimism. I couldn’t do it without the community, my family, my partner, and my amazing friends: Thomas, Øystein, Vilija, Ginevra, Ampy, Reza, Cecilie, Gosia, Ewelina, Nils, Janeth, Judit, Kelly, Chisom, Isabelle, Iva, Marysia, Nadiya, Aleksandra, Macias, Ola, Cinthya, Jennifer, Anette, Amanda, Dariusz, Lydia, Izzy, Iryna, Alessio, Figue, Catalina, Kate, Tara, Magda, Chaitra, Marina, Malgorzata, Anastasia, Beata, Zaneta, Barbara, Joanna, Natalia, Svitlana, Manuela, Fatima, Benedikte, Florencia, Daria, Lotte, Nikki, Alix, Margo…
You all believe in me and support me.
That’s why it is easier to ask for broader support now.
Thank you so much!
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