embroidery wool on linen by Justyna Skowronek

Sense of belonging

Creativity gives me a sense of belonging.
Not to any social circle. Not to some magical Instagram life of artists.
It makes me belong to myself.
Even on slow periods, down moments, facing obstacles.
Especially when facing obstacles.

As Maya Angelou said once
“You only are free when you realize you belong no place — you belong every place — no place at all. The price is high.”
She mentioned these words in 1972 in an interview and they seem to be sad. On the contrary, they open up for acts of hope. Brene Brown explains these words with her own scientific / vulnerability perspective. Another drop in healing that part of me that was locked away for years under someone else’s vision of me.

I didn’t feel I belong when I was singing someone’s song.
I needed to dig deep in the depths of my delusion about who I am meant to be. I needed to find my mantra, my own voice to sing my songs.

With every creative activity I can be myself more. The way I am, imperfect, fragile, mistaken. I show up, I open up and not expect ovation.

We can belong when we say the uncomfortable truth because it has to be said. Because we stand up for that truth, even if it means being lonely for a while.

But finally alive.

No one can take away that belonging.
True belonging to the self.

Pic by @motion_garden 🙏

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