WE ARE ALL WOMB Embroidery


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WE ARE ALL WOMB Embroidery Pattern

This pattern is a statement that we all have life within us. I created this – hand embroidery pattern in October 2020 after a polish constitutional court ruling toward tightening abortion laws in Poland. I calleed it “We Are All Womb”. Made to cope with my anger and disappointment. I wanted to create something vibrant that will comfort me and remind me of the beauty in this world. And that I can create life too.

Hand Embroidery Pattern size: 23 x 18 cm.

Feel free to share with me your shirt or skirt you wish to add this hand embroidery pattern onto. I can create it in a color palette of your choice so it also reminds you of the creative power you have inside of you.

More info & caring instructions:

  • The embroidery itself is very durable – I have washed mine on a gentle program in the washing machine and it still looks great, not more than 30 degrees, gentle soap, do not tumble dry.
  • I iron it just a little bit to give it a nice finish but on the left side and I put a towel underneath so the bulky embroidery keeps its dimension.
  • Thread: DMC or Anchor, 100% cotton.

I put my heart & energy into each of the creations. They are made with love for you to cherish for years.


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