Memories from Embroidery Evening

Our lives on Instagram are way more beautiful and sparkly than in real. I stand by that opinion and I know I am not standing alone.

But then an evening like this happens, where I get to take pictures of beautiful women doing magic with their hands. This is how I remember that meeting.

These pictures have a filter, yes, were taken with a good camera but believe me, the vibe was there and the smiles were there. I love everything about this evening! We had intimacy, we had serious talks, we had silly giggles, we had some proper embroidery & creativity talks.
But most of all we enjoyed being 1 m close to each other and being able to look each other in the eye, sit by one another and do stuff with our hands.

Disclaimer- the amazing embroidery coming out of the pocket is not mine. Ula who is also like me a student of Krystyna Duchniak (one of the best polish embroidery artists) is the creator! She is much more precise with her embroidery and really good organised with her supplies. I’m in LOVE!

This is why I love this craft so much – you can really express whoever you are and whatever technique (or no technique) you want to apply.

Stay tuned for more events! On Facebook there’s a group for anyone who wants to stay up to date with future events. I just posted about new events and shared a little about my drawing process.

Thank you Florencia, Gi, Claudia, Helene, Selma & Ula for coming. You really are special.

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