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Instagram chase for clients & success

Instagram became another area to achieve.
Another app to count.
Fans, likes, interactions.
To reach goals and fulfill strategies.
To sell.

There are chat groups for people to gain likes and followers. Like a chain messaging thing. Ridiculous.

There’s stats and tools to manage.

How to sell.
How to push.

People ask me where I sell, how I seel, why I don’t do it this or that way.
I’m officially not interested in push strategies to sell.
I want to create.
And I want people to appreciate what I make.
This happened before and will happen again.
It is happening.
Without strategy.

Creation is a process tapped into reality.
And the reality is I don’t want to trick anyone into buying me or my stuff.

Choose wisely, consciously.
And then cherish.
Because every handmade thing needs to live. In your hands, in your life, in your every day activities.
There’s no point in buying handmade and being bored with it after a week. It’s not fast fashion.

I write it not because I don’t wish myself well and that I don’t want to be recognized and sell my stuff. I DO want appreciation and that my creations find their homes and I live a happy life not worrying about bills.
But I also want to stay true to what I believe in 🌱

And I don’t really want to be a part of it anymore. The scheme to gain. The infinite chase after something, someone, results, outcomes. I want to be adaptive and respond to what reality brings to my life.
And the reality IS responding to my efforts and consequence.

In the picture me and my triple creations. Repurposed second hand emmbroidered shirt, embroidered apron from @segersfabriker and painting I made while learning batik during a workshop at a beautiful place in south of Poland.

2 thoughts on “Instagram chase for clients & success”

  1. Yo do make beautiful things! I love all of it, you and your story really inspire me. I lost my job and would like to try having my own activity. Your web side looks perfect, which supplier do you use?

    1. Plants on People

      Hi Lulu! Thank you for your kind words 🙂 🙂
      Sorry to hear about your job, I hope for everything go well for you!
      I use WordPress.

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