Wool on linen embroidered wall decoration by Justyna Skowronek

Favourite work

It’s hard to choose my favorite work.
And today’s post will be about that.

My immediate pop in to my head was this embroidery I created for a
kindergarten in Lofoten in spring 2020 in first lockdown. I still
remember the kid’s reactions when I unfolded it. They started touching
it and making ooohs and aaaahhs… AMAZING experience!

This came to me as a crazy idea in March during unemployment due to corona all over the world. I dreamt of creating something bigger, bolder, vibrant and colorful.
Something which is simple yet includes a lot of work.

I wanted to create something with a personal touch, something that brings me back to my childhood, when I was drawing with chalk on a pavement. Or when I was in my early teens and I created big decorations for my mother’s kindergarten room with paint.

It worked out beyond my expectations. I am super happy that now it hangs as a decoration in one of Lofoten kindergartens <3

Those flowers aren’t meant to look perfect. They are meant to stimulate childrens’ brains and encourage them to draw & dream freely.

Thank you for the pictures @catalina_emilia_photography

There’s a little more to the story behind why I like this one so much.

– a beautiful friend helped me with organizing it with the Kindergarten- thank you Figue!

– a lot of women contributed their materials and time to give me feedback on it and motivate me to continue the work – thank you Ewelina , Julia, Turid, Manuela & Catalina.

– my mother used to work as a kindergarten teacher. An amazing teacher. I used to create painted wall decorations for her work, when I was just 12. For me it’s like coming back home to the things I used to enjoy. Connecting our story again in spite of our difficulties in communication. Thank you Mom for sharing your life with me

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