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Custom art order – story of daughter’s love

I’m happy to share with you another custom art order I made for a special woman. She will send it to Australia to her mother and best friend. This was something special to my heart. And seeing Sarah almost in tears when she finally saw the piece was the most significant proof the spirit I’ve put into it is visible.

This post is about the white pillowcase, the navy blue one I will describe with more details in another post.

We started from an e-mail conversation – Sarah told me a bit of her & the women this was meant to be given to. Sarah has a sister & she hasn’t seen her family in almost two years. Her mother is super dear to Sarah and wanted to cherish that relationship by sending her something unique. I started from a sketch that Sarah has accepted, chose the fabric & began embroidering. I looked at some photos of plants original for Australia but then just began creating the plants from my imagination. I added more colors, sticking to the pallet agreed with Sarah & checked the composition from time to time to ensure the bigger picture looks good enough. The more I got into the process, the more the invention worked on its own. The final piece is always slightly different from the sketch, as seen in the pictures.

Somehow I couldn’t make one of the daughters as peaceful as the other women, I redid the face three times, and it always looked kind of “angry.” It turned out it’s Sarah, who’s the one with a bit of an edge to her personality. So my hands were kind of “right! 🙂

I feel accomplished yet humble as something that I created has found acknowledgment from another kind soul. This will become one of my most memorable custom art projects. I call this work – The Women – as it represents Sarah’s important female figures – her Mother, her Sister and Herself.

Thank you, Sarah. I will remember you forever.

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