Custom art order – story of daughter’s love p.2

This is a continuation of an order I made for a special woman – Sarah. Memories about it will stay with me forever.

This post is about the the navy blue, the white pillowcase I am describing here:

It all started as a story – Sarah described her special friendship she shares with her best friend in Australia. They don’t see each other very often. I tapped into this vision after a while and because the description was very inspiring, I started on the project with great pleasure. Two women sitting on the ground, sending wishes into the air and thinking of each other. Plants surrounding them typical for the local environment. I have added sun & the moon in a union to show that they are together night and day. I also added golden roots to symbolise their precious connection and the fact that the ground they walk on every day is in the end the same – Planet Earth.

Being away from our loved ones can be hard. Some of us have chosen a path of travel, but it comes with a compromise – there are many goodbyes on the road, and we constantly miss people we left behind.

Sarah, you chose my craft to tell a story of your heart. A heart that tells “I love you, I miss you, I think of you.” You asked me to make something expressing these words. And gave confidence and trust that my heart will listen to yours.

And so it did.

Here’s also a picture of you looking at the story of our hearts. Your special women will listen to the story, and they will hear your words.

“I love you. I miss you. I think of you”.

Thank you, Sarah. I will remember you forever.

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