creative embroidery process by Justyna Skowronek

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Another medicinal plant in the making – a series I intend to continue in the future.
This one is called Epilobium Angustifolium. The super pink fluorescent juice made from the flowers was a real treat for me two years ago. Thanks to a beautiful woman Anne, who makes it in Lofoten. The leaves can be used after fermentation as a depression remedy and immune system boost.

This creation is super close to my heart. I love this plant, but I love where I wear it as well.
Saying goodbye to the summer in September 2020, I found this last, single-growing Geitrams (as they call it in Norwegian) in Enebakk, close to Oslo. I was inspired to take several pictures of it and encouraged to make a drawing. Later on, I decided to turn it into embroidery. I love the sound of this plant’s name in all the languages close to my heart – Wierzbówka, Geitrams, Fireweed… Its fierceness inspired me to make this 9 cm embroidery.

It is a true wonder seeing it growing wildly throughout the summer. I love the purple contrasting with the green of the leaves.
Which plants would you be proud to wear on your clothes? Have you done embroidery based on medicinal plants yourself? Share your creative process on your Instagram and tag me so I can share it in my stories. Use #plantsonpeople so I can find you.

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